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Sun Shade For Strollers

sun shade for strollers

    sun shade
  • A parasol, awning, or other device giving protection from the sun

  • A space sunshade or sunshield can be described as analogous to a parasol that s or otherwise reduces some of a star's rays, preventing them from hitting a planet and thereby reducing its insolation, which results in less heating of the planet.

  • (Sun-shades) can also refer to the sun-shading eyepiece-type, although the term is not exclusive to these. Also in use is the derivative abbreviation, shades.

  • A chair on wheels, typically folding, in which a baby or young child can be pushed along

  • A person taking a leisurely walk

  • (stroller) baby buggy: a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

  • Baby transport (or child carrier, stroller, perambulator or baby carrier) consists of devices for transporting and carrying infants. A "child carrier" or "baby carrier" is a device used to carry an infant or small child on the body of an adult.

  • (stroller) saunterer: someone who walks at a leisurely pace

A Form of Release

A Form of Release

(018/365) it bad that I have to scroll down to remember what day I'm on...and it's only day 18?...

Yes, I'm on a giant decorative planter.
Yes, I'm in a blooming rose late October...
And yes, this in only one minute section to the three acre (waterfront) estate soon to be owned by the CEO of Burger King.

Oh, yes!
We are adding a ridiculously crazy woodgrain texture to THE Burger King's bar!! And redoing his massive family room walls in a warm grey tone with the thinest wash of gold tint over it.

This place is.....AWESOME!!
The various nooks and crannies here are RIPE for photography!

So, back up to 10am, and my boss and I are driving over to the job. He's explaining where we're going because, until this point, I only knew What we were doing not Who we were doing it for. The CEO of Burger don't say....

We rounded the corner onto this gloriously lush street. Large estates lined the row, shaded with various oak, magnolia, and banyan trees each one massive in its own way. Talkative green parrots could be heard and the sun filtered down onto families pushing strollers and walking purebred dogs.

My eye caught the first house on our right. A beautiful 1930 English style house, made to look weathered and old, dripping in creeping vines, and sporting a brick drive that could hold 15 cars easy.

Me: "Oooohh...we must be in the rich part of town.."
Boss: "Yep.."
Me: " Holy shit! LOOK at that house!" pointing out the window "It's huge! Good Lord!"
Boss: pulling into the drive.."Uhh...that's it...where we're going..."
Me: ...long pause....."WHAT THE FUCK?!"

We got out of the car and waited for the interior decorator to show up with the key to let us in. In the process two tour buses drove by....and slowed to a crawl while passing the house.

People took pictures......I shit you not....

Me: "So...they haven't moved in yet?"
Boss: "No not yet."
Me: " anyone else working on the place today?"
Boss: "Nope, just us."
Me: "Seriously?! Fuck yeah!!".......and that's when the ideas for 365 started pouring in....

So, this is todays. (don't know how crazy about it I am)
Expect a few more from this beautiful location over the next couple days as this woodgraining project is gonna take a bit of time....'s gorgeous....
I wanna live there SO bad!

But I'll settle to just shoot in it for now ;-)



Mantua (in Italian Mantova, in the local dialect of Lombard language Mantua) is an important city in Lombardy, Italy and capital of the province of the same name. Mantua is surrounded on three sides by artificial lakes created during the 12th century.[1] These receive the waters from the Mincio, which descend from Lake Garda. The three lakes are called Lago Superiore, Lago di Mezzo, and Lago Inferiore ("Superior", "Middle," and "Inferior" Lakes).[2] A fourth lake, Lake Pajolo, which once completed a defensive water ring of the city, dried up at the end of the 18th century. Mantua is mentioned in William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. In this Romeo is sent into exile for killing Tybalt Capulet in a swordfight. Romeo subsequently leaves Mantua and returns to Verona when he hears his love, Juliet, has died. The city was founded, probably around 2000 BC, on the banks of the Mincio, on a sort of island which provided natural protection. In the 6th century BC it was an Etruscan village which, in Etruscan tradition, was re-founded by Ocno. The name derives from the Etruscan god Mantus, of Hades. Mantua's most famous ancient citizen is the poet Publius Virgilius Maro, Virgil (Mantua me genuit), who was born near the city in 70 BC.
[from Wikipedia]

sun shade for strollers

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